Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Card

Monkey Card 
I was going to post a card of a adorable monkey
but, my(cute)little sister drooled on it and ripped it,too:-[
So I am going to have to post it later

U Will Find Ur Prince Charming

Create A Critter: Frog Prince

  1. Light Blue paper for card background
  2. Green paper for frog and lily pad
  3. White paper for belly of the Frog (Color it with Green gel pen; also trace the edge of the Frog)
  4. Add Ribbon on left side (Any ribbon that matches card)
  5. Trace the edge of card with Blue gel pen and a Baby Blue gel pen
  6. Add black stitches with black Flo-Gel and between black stitches add white stitches w/ white gel pen
  7. Add your own touch(I added a blue heart and a ribbon)